Subject Leader: Mrs Lawson


AT Our Lady of Compassion, History is taught through a Topic based curriculum and also as a separate subject.


Example of topics covered:


-Family Trees

Year 1

 - Florence Nightingale

 -The Sinking of the Titanic

Year 2

- The Great Fire of London 

- Superheroes

Year 3

- The Roman Empire 

- The Celts

Year 4 

- The Stone Age to Iron age

- Anglo Saxons and Scots

- Local History Study (Linked to Anglo Saxons)

Year 5 

Aztecs and Mayans - Topic Chocolate 

Year 6 

- Battle of Britain (Novel - Boy in the Stripped Pajamas)

- Ancient Greece

Topics within the school, such as Year 6 Battle of Britain, we have Novel running through the topic, which is The Boy in the Stripe Pajamas by John Boyne. The Novel and topic is used to gain interest for the children and writing works through the topic. The objectives for History are achieved through foundation lessons that run outside of the English lessons.