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Subject Leader: Miss Boulton


We use Purple Mash to teach our Spanish curriculum. Units are enhanced with interactive games for the whole class, pairs or individuals as well as activities to explore Spanish culture. Each unit has creative screens where children can use tools, clipart, phrases, and free typing to create cards, cartoons, diaries or posters to apply the language they have learnt.

Duolingo is the world's largest online language learning platform because it turns language learning into a game to make it more fun and e­ffective. Students learn languages while earning points for correct answers, racing against the clock, and progressing through the levels. Bite-sized, personalised lessons help students retain the content taught. Students begin learning the basics and as they progress, the skills build on each other and become more complex. As they successfully progress through the levels, they unlock the next lessons and units and won't advance unless they've mastered the previous skills. The goal is to get through all the lessons and skills in the tree (and master a language!).

As a school, we use Duolingo as an addition to our scheme of work - Purple Mash.

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