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     20th July 2020                     


Ideas for home:



Interactive Maths Activities: 


crickweb/Early-Years.html (great for Maths games!)




Phase 1 Phonics Activities:

Key skills to focus on whilst at home:

-pencil grip and control (remember your “super fingers!”)

-name writing 

-using scissors 

-dressing and undressing independently (shoes, socks, putting on coat etc)

-counting groups accurately 

-number recognition 


Our top 3 activities for home are: 


1. Reading! Please read with your child every day and talk about the story throughout (for example encouraging your child to predict what might happen next, answer questions to check understanding, act out new vocabulary, retell the story...). 


2. Play Dough! It is do important for younger children to strengthen their hand and finger muscles for future writing! Dough Disco and Dough Gym are great for this! (Make your own play dough at home by mixing 2 cups of plain flour, 1 cup of salt, 2 cups of water, 2 tbsps of vegetable oil, 4 tsps of cream of tartare together in a pan on a low heat. Food colouring optional but spices can be used or even a few drops of paint if you would like to make coloured dough). 


3. Small World! Use ANYTHING from around your house to retell or create your own stories, characters, lands etc - the more open ended the better as this will develop imagination and creativity. 

Messages from Mrs Farrell and Mrs Thomas


2nd April 2020