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Subject Leader: Mr Lawson

At Our Lady of Compassion, we have very high standards. We would like to create an environment where children are positive and enthusiastic towards Mathematics and enjoy being challenged, whilst developing strong mathematical skills and resilience towards problem solving. Through this, we believe that children will be engaged with Mathematics and flourish to reach their potential. 

We aim to do this by:

  • Fostering and nurturing a curiosity towards the subject that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

  • Providing ‘real life’ opportunities so pupils make links and understand its purpose.

  • Providing opportunities to apply their mathematical knowledge to other areas of the curriculum confidently.

We want children to develop fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills across the mathematical curriculum and therefore creating children who are confident and competent mathematicians. Thus, making their transition to high school seamless and also increasing their employability in the future.

Scheme of Work

Our scheme of work at Our Lady's is White Rose Maths and is used to help guide teachers with their planning. 

Classroom secrets works inline with WRM and is an additional resource. 

Nrich is used within our school to enhance the children's learning and allow children to implement strategies to solve problems. 

Software we use to support our learning

Learning by Questions.jpg

LbQ is a classroom app filled with curriculum-aligned Question Sets and immediate feedback to super-charge learning.


It has helped to: 

  • Give automatic marking and instant insight for effective interventions which enables teachers to have increased impact during the lesson.

  • Challenge children within each topic

  • Support children's learning

  • Has increased children's interest and enthusiasm for mathematics

  • Reduced teacher workload 

MyMaths is used alongside the curriculum as a teaching tool to support visual learners in Maths lessons. It also provides homework and interactive games for the children. 

a daily training regime for young students that can learn the multiplication tables in a unique and intuitive way.

Useful Websites

Problem solving and Reasoning

Resources, PowerPoints and Teaching videos 

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