Subject Leader: Mr Lawson

At Our Lady of Compassion, we have very high standards of expectations from both teachers and pupils. Along with the high expectations, we expect Mathematics to be fun, practical, and challenging, as well as making it relevant to life. Through this, we believe that children will be engaged with Mathematics and flourish to reach their potential. 


Throughout the school, the children are encouraged to explore mathematics through practical lessons. Each topic begins with a practical lesson and children can investigate the topic through active participation. Children become confident in using the resources that they can then use to support their learning throughout the topic. 


All classes partake in weekly arithmetic tests on Fridays. During the week, teachers will entourage children to learn and practice methods to become more efficient with the fundamentals of mathematics.  

KS2 Results


OLOC -92%


OLOC - 87% 

National Average - 75%

12% above National Average


OLOC - 84%

National Average - 70%

14% above National Average

Software we use to support our learning

LbQ is a classroom app filled with curriculum-aligned Question Sets and immediate feedback to super-charge learning.


It has helped to: 

  • Give automatic marking and instant insight for effective interventions which enables teachers to have increased impact during the lesson.

  • Challenge children within each topic

  • Support children's learning

  • Has increased children's interest and enthusiasm for mathematics

  • Reduced teacher workload 

Supporting APP's we use

MyMaths is used alongside the curriculum as a teaching tool to support visual learners in Maths lessons. It also provides homework and interactive games for the children. 

Used to help support children with their journey. It has fun elements to the activities to increase interest and participation. Shows areas to work on to help teachers analyse each child and help children develop these areas. 

Useful Websites

Problem solving and Reasoning

Resources, PowerPoints and Teaching videos