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20th July 2020 

Year 3 Learning Hub

Welcome to the Year 3 Learning Hub.

Click on the icons below which will take you straight to the website. The website will give you ideas and activities for their age related learning journey. We will add to this over time. Don't forget to look on Google Classroom for your latest activities!

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Messages from Mr Heyes


2nd April 2020

Activities for Easter holiday

  • Dance to music - Just Dance on Youtube

  • Have a theme day. This may be butterflies, pirates, princesses, fairies, dinosaurs or a particular colour.

  • Make an inside obstacle course with cushions, pillows, boxes, chairs and blankets.

  • Play dress ups and do a play, record it on a phone and share it as a family.

  • Bake a cake together https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/collection/kids-cake

  • Make an Easter Card

  • Face time a friend and make slime


Outside Activities