Year 6

Miss Daly

Autumn 2018

Below is an outline plan of what the children in Year 6 will be studying this term.


English – History WW2 Topic – Goodnight Mister Tom by Michelle Magorian











Using our novel, the children will cover:

  • Recounts

  • Biographies

  • Autobiographies

  • Persuasive letters and advertisements

  • Diary entries

  • Flashbacks

  • Comprehension work.

Mathematics – During the autumn term we will be covering:

Week 1: Number and place value

Week 2: Addition & Subtraction

Week 3: Properties of shapes

Week 4: Multiplication & division

Week 5: Fractions

Week 6: Position & direction

Week 7: Addition & Subtraction

Week 8: Decimals

Week 9: Measurement (length)

Week 10: Multiplication & division

Week 11: Fractions (including decimals & percentages)

Week 12: Measurement (time)



Loving – Domestic Church/Family

Vocation & Commitment – Baptism/Confirmation

Expectations – Advent/Christmas



Living things and their habitats

-Classifying animals

-Identifying characteristics and adaptations

-Identifying helpful and harmful micro-organisms

-Mould Investigation


Animals including humans

-Creating a model of the human heart

-Identifying and labelling structures of the lungs

-Creating a model of the human lungs

-Components of the blood




Please ensure the children have the correct PE equipment for lessons.

Indoor – black pumps, tee-shirt and blue shorts

Outdoor - as above but the children may wear trainers if they wish




Monday – Spellings & English homework. (Due in Friday)

Friday – Maths Homework. (Due Monday).

Weekly Reading homework – varies for each child depending on their reading day. Please read with your children. Your child is then to complete a piece of reading homework linked to the reading book they have read. This is to be brought back on their reading day.

Also the children have access to the RM Easimaths, Sumdog and Purple Mash learning platforms for reinforcement and extension.

Dinner money

If the children wish to stay for lunch the cost is £2.10 per day (£10:50 per week to be paid on Monday) in a sealed envelop with the child name on the front.  Hot dinners can be paid for in advance if you wish.


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