Year 2 

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Summer Term Week 1           Summer Term Week 2       Summer Term Week 3     RE Planning

20th April 2020                         27th April 2020                   4th May 2020





Summer Term Week 4          Summer Term Week 5       Summer Term Week 6

11th May 2020                     18th May 2020                    1st June 2020








Summer Term Week 7         Summer Term Week 8       Summer Term Week 9

8th June 2020                      15th June 2020                22nd June 2020








Summer Term Week 10         Summer Term Week 11       Summer Term Week 12

29th June 2020                      6th July 2020                13th July 2020




Please use Oxford Reading Buddy 

Children should read at least 1 book per week and answer 1 quiz per week.


Google Classroom

Children in year 2 all have a Google account linked to the year 2 Google Classroom. From here teachers will set daily tasks that can be sent back to their teacher. From google classroom teachers will set work and make links to other remote platforms. In order for this to work at home children will need access to a device that is connected to the internet. 

Laptops, computers and chromebooks are the best solution, however tablets and mobile phones will also work. Pupils will need to go to google and sign in using their school email address and password. 

If you are having trouble at home logging in please let us know as soon as possible so that we can help. 

We have also sent home hard copies of home learning for you to use.

These do not link to the work on google classroom but can be used if you cannot access the internet.

Year 2 Learning Hub

Welcome to the Year 2 Learning Hub.

Click on the icons below which will take you straight to the website. The website will give you ideas and activities for their age related learning journey. We will add to this over time. Don't forget to look on Google Classroom for your latest activities!

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Messages from Mr Brady


2nd April 2020

Engage with the lessons each day on Google Classroom. 


Extra links


I have also  attached plenty of links to interactive resources on Google Classroom. These are under the title, Links to Resources. These are great fun and a good way to reinforce learning. 




Keeping Active at Home


Other Activities