School Uniform 

The school colours are blue and white and this should be observed for all accessories.  

Please ensure that all items of clothing are labelled with your child's name. 



Winter uniform  

Blue jogging bottoms with elasticated waists. Blue sweatshirts.  Slip-on shoes.   








Summer uniform 
Blue shorts and white polo shirts (no summer dresses) 





Winter Wear 
Girls: White blouse, blue cardigan, school tie, grey pinafore dress/grey skirt, white or grey socks or plain tights and black shoes (no mesh trainers).


Boys: White shirt, school tie, blue sweater, grey shorts, grey socks and black shoes (no mesh trainers). 







Summer Wear 

Girls: Blue and white dress (striped or gingham). Blue cardigan, white or grey socks,

black shoes (no mesh trainers).

Boys: White polo shirt, grey shorts, blue sweater, grey socks, black shoes (no mesh trainers). 



Hair accessories should be in school colours (blue and white). Jewelry may not be worn at any time. 

For carrying and storage school bag/book bag 


Physical Education 
Indoor: White t-shirt, navy blue shorts, black pumps Outdoor: As above (tracksuits and trainers optional) 














Trunks for boys, one-piece swimsuit for girls. Swimming hats are required for both boys and girls.